Grassroots Giving

At Janus, we’re committed to helping our investors go farther in meeting their financial goals. To fulfill this commitment, we dig deep to find what we believe are the very best investment opportunities. But we also look for other opportunities to make a difference. Like community involvement and volunteerism.

Hands-on Help: The Janus Community Crew

Corporate giving isn’t always about writing a check. Sometimes what a community group needs most is an extra hand – or 30. Through the Janus Community Crew volunteer program, Janus not only encourages employees to get involved in their communities but also makes it easy for them to volunteer their time by designating eight hours of paid leave annually for those who want to use the time to lend a helping hand.

Putting Our Feet on the Street

The work we do in our community is as diverse as the people who work here. Janus encourages diversity and participation by connecting employees with shared community interests. From cultural alliances and professional organizations to fundraising walks and runs, our employees are putting their feet on the street and taking great strides to improve not only their lives but also the lives of others.

Drive to Thrive: A Collective Effort for a Community Cause

We believe a company is only as good as its employees. At Janus, our employees are good workers and good people. Because of their generous participation and donations, we continue to meet the needs of the community as they arise. Whether it's books, blood, gifts or groceries, Janus employees always come through – in a very big way. Charitable drives we participate in include:

  • Denver Public Library Book Drive
  • Holiday Giving Program
  • Bonfils Blood Drives
  • School and Classroom Supply Drives

# of Community Investment Hours Janus employees have donated YTD in 2013: