Janus Global Select Fund (JORAX)
Formerly Janus Orion Fund

Data as of 3/31/2014 unless otherwise noted

Fund Overview

Global all-cap equities
  • Invests in companies worldwide with competitive advantages that can lead to improving returns and sustainable long-term growth
  • Makes high conviction investments where we believe we possess differentiated research insights
  • Disciplined yet opportunistic approach, unconstrained by market cap or geography


Inception: Jun 30, 2000
1 Year
3 Year
5 Year
10 Year
Since Fund Inception
Class A Shares @NAV
19.44% 1.92% 16.53% 7.78% 2.19%
12.57% -0.07% 15.16% 7.15% 1.75%
MSCI All Country World Index (SM) 16.55% 8.55% 17.80% 6.97% 3.55%

* Information Regarding Sales Charge Reductions and Waivers >

Returns quoted are past performance and do not guarantee future results; current performance may be lower or higher. Investment returns and principal value will vary; there may be a gain or loss when shares are sold.

Net expense ratios reflect the expense waiver, if any, Janus Capital has contractually agreed to through 2/1/15.

Performance shown for Class A Shares at Maximum Offering Price (MOP) includes the Fund's maximum sales charge of 5.75%. Performance shown at Net Asset Value (NAV) does not include this sales charge and would have been lower had this sales charge been taken into account.

+Janus Capital has contractually agreed to waive the Fund's total annual fund operating expenses allocated to Class A Shares (excluding any performance adjustments to management fees if applicable, distribution and shareholder servicing fees, brokerage commissions, interest, dividends, taxes, and extraordinary expenses including, but not limited to, acquired fund fees and expenses) to certain limits until at least 1/31/12. The contractual waiver may be terminated or modified prior to this date only at the discretion of the Board of Trustees. Returns shown include fee waivers, if any, and without such waivers returns would have been lower.

Returns greater than one year are annualized.

Morningstar Style Box™ (As of 3/31/2014)

Equity Style

Large Growth

Portfolio Analysis

Top Holdings

% of Fund

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Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson - Class B 3.16%
Tyco International, Ltd. (U.S. Shares) 3.13%
Citigroup, Inc. 2.71%
BNP Paribas SA 2.57%
AIA Group, Ltd. 2.56%
JPMorgan Chase & Co. 2.50%
Express Scripts Holding Co. 2.42%
Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment PLC 2.35%
NRG Energy, Inc. 2.35%
Johnson & Johnson 2.24%
TOTAL 25.99%

Asset Allocation

% of Fund
Asset Allocation Chart
US Common Stock 50.12%
Non-US Common Stock 48.15%
Non-US Preferred Stock 1.46%
Cash & Equivalents 0.27%
Total 100.00%

Sector Allocation

Consumer Discretionary
Information Technology
Health Care
Consumer Staples
Telecommunication Services
Cash & Equivalents
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George Maris

George Maris
George Maris

Joined Janus 2011
Tenure on fund: Since 2012

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Overall Morningstar Rating™ (As of 3/31/2014)

1 of 5 stars

@NAV of 804

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@MOP of 804

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As of 3/31/2014

Fund Facts 

CUSIP 47103C548
Inception 06/30/2000
Total Net Assets (as of 03/31/2014) $ 2.3B
Total Number of Equity Issues 69
Total Number of Debt Issues 0
Weighted Average Market Capitalization ($ billion) $ 59.93
Portfolio Turnover Rate 45.93%
Annual Expense Ratios (as of fiscal year-end 09/30/2013)
Gross 1.18%
Net + 1.18%
Alpha (3-Year-Fund) -7.28
Beta (3-Year-Fund) 1.25
R-Squared (3-Year-Fund) 84.57%
Sharpe Ratio (3-Year - Fund) .11
Sharpe Ratio (3-Year - MSCI All Country World Index (SM)) .58
Standard Deviation (3-Year - Fund) 19.69
Standard Deviation (3-Year - MSCI All Country World Index (SM)) 14.54

Please consider the charges, risks, expenses and investment objectives carefully before investing. Please see a prospectus, or if available, a summary prospectus containing this and other information. Read it carefully before you invest or send money.

Returns include reinvestment of dividends and capital gains.

Class A Shares of the Fund commenced operations on 7/6/09. The historical performance shown for periods prior to 7/6/09 reflects the performance of one or more other share classes of the Fund, calculated using the fees and expenses of each respective share class without the effect of any fee and expense limitations and waivers. If each share class of the Fund had been available during periods prior to 7/6/09, the performance shown may have been different. Please refer to the Fund's prospectus for further details concerning historical performance.

This fund may have significant exposure to emerging markets. In general, emerging market investments have historically been subject to significant gains and/or losses. As such, the Fund's returns and NAV may be subject to volatility.

The Fund may invest in derivatives which can be highly volatile and involve additional risks than if the underlying securities were held directly by the Fund. Such risks include gains or losses which, as a result of leverage, can be substantially greater than the derivatives' original cost. There is also a possibility that derivatives may not perform as intended which can reduce opportunity for gain or result in losses by offsetting positive returns in other securities the Fund owns.

A Fund's performance may be affected by risks that include those associated with nondiversification, non-investment grade debt securities, high-yield/high-risk securities, undervalued or overlooked companies, investments in specific industries or countries and potential conflicts of interest. Additional risks to a Fund may also include, but are not limited to, those associated with investing in foreign securities, emerging markets, initial public offerings, real estate investment trusts (REITs), derivatives, short sales, commodity-linked investments, and companies with relatively small market capitalizations. Each Fund has different risks. Please see a Janus prospectus for more information about risks, Fund holdings and other details.

Ratings and/or rankings may be based, in part, on the performance of a predecessor fund or share class and are calculated by Morningstar using a performance calculation methodology that differs from that used by Janus. Differences in the methodologies may lead to variances in calculating total performance returns, in some cases this variance may be significant, thereby potentially affecting the rating/ranking of the Fund[s]. The rating/rankings are displayed for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon when making investment decisions.

The use of short sales may cause the fund to have higher expenses than those of other equity funds. Short sales are speculative transactions and involve special risks, including a greater reliance on the investment team's ability to accurately anticipate the future value of a security. The Fund's losses are potentially unlimited in a short sale transaction. The Fund's use of short sales in effect leverages the Fund's portfolio. The Fund's use of leverage may result in risks and can magnify the effect of any losses. There is no assurance that a leveraging strategy will be successful.

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Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Visit janus.com/mutual funds for current month-end performance.

Mutual fund investing involves market risk. Investment return and fund share value will fluctuate and it is possible to lose money by investing.

A Fund's portfolio may differ significantly from the securities held in the index. The index is unmanaged and not available for direct investment; therefore its performance does not reflect the expenses associated with the active management of an actual portfolio.

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