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Unique Offerings
The Janus Advantage

Janus offers more than our flagship equity funds. Within our firm, you'll find a diverse range of investment options from three experienced, highly specialized asset managers. Janus' research-driven equity and fixed-income strategies; INTECH's mathematical risk-managed equity strategies; and Perkins' value equities.

Janus' strength lies in fundamental research. We seek to achieve results through a disciplined approach that emphasizes intensive fundamental, hands-on research and a willingness to concentrate our investments where we believe we have a differentiated view.

INTECH offers equity investors a highly disciplined, mathematical investment strategy that seeks to achieve long-term returns in excess of a target benchmark, while attempting to reduce the risk of significant underperformance relative to the benchmark.

The Perkins team seeks out companies whose stock prices have been beaten down, yet underlying fundamentals suggest upside opportunity. Perkins believes that rigorous downside analysis comes before examining upside potential in order to have a favorable reward to risk trade-off in all markets.

Funds to match your strategy

Whatever your goals, our diverse lineup of mutual funds can help you get on the right path to reaching them.

Asset Allocation: Janus Global Allocation Growth, Moderate and Conservative Portfolios combine the best of Janus, INTECH and Perkins into a single asset allocation product based on an investor's risk tolerance.

Growth and Core
: Funds designed to play a central role in an investor's portfolio, made up of what we believe are dynamic, well-run companies with attractive earnings potential and favorable risk/reward profiles.

Value: Perkins Large Cap Value Fund, Perkins Mid Cap Value Fund and Perkins Small Cap Value Fund seek value in out-of-favor companies.

International/Global and Specialty Equity: Funds that may complement a diversified portfolio, which carry Janus' research to overseas or sector-specific markets.

Alternative: Funds that invest outside the traditional three asset classes: stocks, bonds, and cash.

Fixed Income: Funds that take the same exhaustive approach to research as our equity funds, yet provide investors with income potential.

Money Market: Seeks to provide income and help preserve capital.

Learn more about Our Funds and how they can complement your investment strategy.


Please consider the charges, risks, expenses and investment objectives carefully before investing. Please see a prospectus , or if available, a summary prospectus containing this and other information. Read it carefully before you invest or send money.

An investment in a money market fund is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. Although the Fund seeks to preserve the value of your investment at $1.00 per share, it is possible to lose money by investing in the Fund.

A Fund's performance may be affected by risks that include those associated with nondiversification, non-investment grade debt securities, high-yield/high-risk securities, undervalued or overlooked companies, investments in specific industries or countries and potential conflicts of interest. Additional risks to a Fund may also include, but are not limited to, those associated with investing in foreign securities, emerging markets, initial public offerings, real estate investment trusts (REITs), derivatives, short sales, commodity-linked investments, and companies with relatively small market capitalizations. Each Fund has different risks. Please see a Janus prospectus for more information about risks, Fund holdings and other details.

The proprietary mathematical process used by INTECH may not achieve the desired results. Since the portfolio is periodically re-balanced, this may result in a higher portfolio turnover rate, higher expenses and potentially higher net taxable gains or losses compared to a "buy and hold" or index fund strategy.

INTECH Investment Management LLC and Perkins Investment Management LLC are indirect subsidiaries of Janus Capital Group Inc. and serve as investment advisers on certain products.

There is no assurance that the investment process will consistently lead to successful investing.

There is no assurance the stated objective(s) will be met.

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