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Get To Know Janus
The Janus Advantage

Janus and research -- we've built our reputation on rigorous, hands-on research. But there's much more that defines who we are and what we do. After getting to know us -- our company, our culture and our commitment to helping you reach your investment goals -- we think you'll find that our mutual funds stand out from the crowd.

Our Company

Our roots extend back to 1969, when a young entrepreneur named Tom Bailey left his job on Wall Street and moved to Denver for a fresher perspective on the financial markets. With just a handful of investors, Tom started his own asset management company and began selecting stocks for the flagship Janus Fund. His investment decisions were based on proprietary research that involved scrutinizing companies from every conceivable angle. The same bottom-up research approach that continues to define Janus today.

While maintaining deep roots in research-driven equity and income funds, we also offer uniquely powerful processes from two additional asset managers -- INTECH and Perkins -- that are subsidiaries of Janus. Through INTECH, Janus investors have access to mathematical investing, while Perkins offers several value portfolios.

Our Culture

Since our founding in 1969, to the people who lead and work for Janus today, we have always believed that the way to discover winning opportunities for our investors is through rigorous, real-world, hands-on research.

Our investment team is made up of broad, creative thinkers whose educational backgrounds, life experiences and investment knowledge allow for an equally broad view of the world. The team collaborates regularly to share their top ideas with the goal of offering you what they believe are the best investments for your Janus funds.

The passion and dedication that have always applied to our research effort extends to everything we do as a firm. We work to go beyond the expected as we continuously seek to create a differentiated view that allows us to invest with conviction.

Our Commitment

No matter how long you've invested with Janus, how you came to us or what funds you invest in, we remain steadfast in our commitment to seek the type of long-term investment performance that will get you closer to your financial goals.


Look inside. The Janus Way

Tomoko Kotaka

Research Associate


Committed to

Finding the Needle

in the Haystack



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Please consider the charges, risks, expenses and investment objectives carefully before investing. Please see a prospectus , or if available, a summary prospectus containing this and other information. Read it carefully before you invest or send money.

The proprietary mathematical process used by INTECH may not achieve the desired results. Since the portfolio is periodically re-balanced, this may result in a higher portfolio turnover rate, higher expenses and potentially higher net taxable gains or losses compared to a "buy and hold" or index fund strategy.

INTECH Investment Management LLC and Perkins Investment Management LLC are indirect subsidiaries of Janus Capital Group Inc. and serve as investment advisers on certain products.

There is no assurance that the investment process will consistently lead to successful investing.

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