Ask the same people the same questions, and you'll likely get the same answers. Here at Janus, we want to be different. And our people reflect that. Everyone has a unique perspective. A different background. Different experiences. Our competitive advantage comes from diversity of opinion, and an environment where that diversity can be shared. Our employees can always find support, development opportunities and inspiration from each other. That's why we offer more than 10 active Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). They get involved in the community. Collaborate on projects. And create the fabric of what makes this company great.


Janus' Employee Resource Groups:

  • Asian Professional Alliance
  • Black Professional Network
  • Differently Abled Support Network
  • Global Multicultural Partnership
  • Hispanic/Latino Professional Alliance
  • Interfaith Spiritual Alliance
  • Janus 50+
  • Janus G.I.
  • Rainbow Connection
  • Team JEDI
  • Women's Business Network
  • Working Parents




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Janus has 12 Employee Resource Groups supporting our diverse workforce.