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Asset Allocation Funds
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What is an asset allocation fund?

Instead of investing in individual securities like a traditional mutual fund, asset allocation funds invest in several underlying mutual funds to offer investors an instantly diversified portfolio. These funds are typically offered as a series so there is an option for investors with differing investment goals, time horizons or levels of risk tolerance.

The role of asset allocation funds in your portfolio

Asset allocation funds often serve as the core holding within an investor's portfolio since they provide convenient diversification in a single investment. They typically appeal to investors who don't have the time or the desire to pick a diversified set of funds on their own or investors unable to diversify among several different funds due to required investment minimums.

Why choose a Janus global asset allocation funds?

What makes Janus Global Allocation Growth, Moderate and Conservative Portfolios unique is their combination of funds that leverage the fundamental research approach of Janus with funds supported by the risk-managed, mathematical investment process of INTECH (a Janus subsidiary). These complementary investment strategies are only available from Janus and together provide an exciting investment opportunity for retail investors.

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Aggressive, conservative or somewhere in between? Create a mix of funds for your investment approach.

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Get started or sharpen your skills. We have information for both novice and advanced investors. Regardless of where you stand now, it should make you a more effective investor.

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Fund Strategy and Overview

Please consider the charges, risks, expenses and investment objectives carefully before investing. Please see a prospectus , or if available, a summary prospectus containing this and other information. Read it carefully before you invest or send money.

The proprietary mathematical process used by Enhanced Investment Technologies LLC ("INTECH") may not achieve the desired results. Since the portfolio is regularly balanced, this may result in a higher portfolio turnover rate, higher expenses and potentially higher net taxable gains or losses compared to a "buy and hold" or index fund strategy.

INTECH is a subsidiary of Janus Capital Group Inc.

There is no assurance that the investment process will consistently lead to successful investing.

Diversification neither assures a profit nor eliminates the risk of experiencing investment losses.

Holdings are subject to change without notice.

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